Recoverfun Mini Massage Gun (Red)

Recoverfun mini massage gun is your pocket-sized partner. It is ultra-compact but powerful, stylish, and also handy, giving you muscle treatment with incredible portability anytime anywhere. 


PORTABILITY: It is extremely small as a mobile phone, compact but ergonomic design, only 138mm size, and 0.5kg(1.1lb). It is convenient to pack it to any occasion, which is a muscle treatment tool at your fingertips.

QUIETNESS: Brush-less motor with Silent-Force Technology quietly dispels all your fatigue anytime can hardly hear it with 48db quiet, which brings you an unparalleled recovery moment.

LONG BATTERY LIFE: 5 Hours Battery Life per 1.5H Charging. Grasp any USB port, Power Bank, Laptop, Car charger, recharge, and refresh anytime anywhere.

ADJUSTABLE SPEEDThere are 4 speeds to generate1800- 3200 percussions per minute, to meet the needs of different groups, and each scientifically calibrated to deliver greater therapeutic benefits for the body.

4 MASSAGER HEADS: Recoverfun mini is equipped with four massage heads for your full body all-round care.


1:Sports and Fitness(Release lactic acid and relieve soreness after exercise)

2:Parents and Elders(Dredge the meridians and improve blood circulation)

3:Office Staff(Relief lumbar pain and cervical pain caused by sedentary and provide new energy for work.)

THE BEST GIFT: A perfect choice for gift-giving and few people can resist its temptation. Never have to worry about giving gifts to each other anymore. The best gift for family, lover, and friends in 2020! 


 Product name:  Mini Massage Gun
Model:  Recoverfun Mini
Standard kit includes:  mini massage gun, 4 massage heads,
Type-c Cable, Gift Box + Travel Bag, User Manual
Battery capacity:  2600mAh
Amplitude:  6mm
Rated input:  Type-c, 5V -2A
Power:  30W
Rated speed: 

Level 1(1 800rpm), Level 2 (2400rpm),

Level 3 (2800rpm), Level 4 (3200rpm)

Net weight: 0.5kg
Size:  140*90*45mm
Warranty: 12 months

 Nacot mini(Booster Mini) VS Recoverfun Mini 







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RecoverFun Recoverfun Mini Massage Gun (Red) Review
Best massage gun ever!!!!

I use it once every two days for relaxation after yoga. It is unexpectedly comfortable. It is strongly recommended to buy it!!!

Ash L.
United States United States
RecoverFun Recoverfun Mini Massage Gun (Red) Review
Overall great product!

I liked how small this massage gun is. This massage gun is also pretty compact for its size however still relieves my muscles which is very helpful when I go to the gym. I also like how it comes with multiple attachments and how you charge the gun via USB C as well. This product is also pretty silent compared to other massage guns as well. Overall I am satisfied with this product and it would be a great gift for friends and family this upcoming holiday.

Rosie B.
United States United States
RecoverFun Recoverfun Mini Massage Gun (Red) Review
Portable, Easy to use and Delivers

This mini massage gun is a must have. My daughter is a competitive dancer and aerialist. Though she is a powerhouse, flexibility does not come easy for her. She gets really tight in her hips. This mini massage gun gets into those tiny muscles. It is also easy to use and to change out the different headers. She can do this all on her own. Love that she can easily carry this in her bag. I’ve also tested it out on my shoulders and it is so easy to grab and use without needing to have an elaborate setup or be plugged in.

Roxy K.
United States United States
RecoverFun Recoverfun Mini Massage Gun (Red) Review
Just love it

So compact but mighty. the red one is really cute stylish.

United States United States
RecoverFun Recoverfun Mini Massage Gun (Red) Review
The explosion of mini massage guns

I was excited about this one due to its size! It's crazy how small this massage gun is compared to my phone!