My name is Michael and I am a CrossFit athlete from Austria. The intensive training demands proper recovery. Next to the basics of sleep and nutrition, a massage gun can help to recover faster and start your next training in the best condition possible.

I have tested the percussion massage gun from RecoverFun. The tests capture the categories design, battery, power, sound, attachments, functionality, packaging, and price.

The duration of the test was about a week. Find more Infos on the website

The RecoverFun percussion gun is well designed, it doesn’t look like a cheap product, actually, materials and finishing are comparable to a high priced product. Especially the soft-touch surface makes it very appealing.
The battery lasts for a good training week when you use it 15 to 20 minutes a day. If this is not enough it is charged in about three to four hours from nearly zero to full. In my opinion, this is more than enough.
The battery is removable, but currently, there is no spare battery available. So I don’t see the point in it. If there is a spare battery available in the future this would increase the usage time if you don’t have the possibility to charge the battery. Usually the lifetime of batteries in general decreases over time. So being able to change the battery could make the gun last even longer.

The stall force at all speeds is remarkable it was really hard to stop it, except from speed one. But this has never been a problem at all.

The noise level of the RecoverFun compared to a lot of other products is amazing. Being able to use it during watching TV or in the gym without interrupting all the other people is one of the key features. Until now it is the most silent percussion gun I have seen. This makes it fun to use.

The RecoverFun comes with a lot of different attachments, being able to change int makes it more flexible and applicable for most of the personal preferences. It came with 6 different attachments.
Recoverfun massage gun kit
1)  Is a very soft attachment which is preferable for comfort massaging.
2)A more flat attachment, it is pretty hard and perfect for treating muscle soreness on big muscle groups.
3)This attachment is for trigger points and very specific treatment, in my opinion, this attachment should be handled with caution. You can make a lot of mistakes with it if used wrong. But if you know what you are doing it is a great tool.
4)The round ball is a hard foam and comparable with some foam roller balls. I didn’t use it a lot because I preferred other attachments.
5)A lot of people really love the fork attachment, in my case, I haven’t been able to find a spot where it feels comfortable enough to use it. Additionally, it hurts if you don’t set it on the body completely straight.
6)My most favorite attachment from all, the stiffness is between numbers 1 and 4, combined with the form it was the most helping attachment. In my opinion, it is also the most universal without having to change the attachment at all. Even though changing is very easy with this tool.


  • Ergonomics
The form is quite good in most of the cases, but when it comes to massaging the back of the shoulders and additional handle or other shapes would help to apply pressure to your own back.
  • Strength
The strength is quite good, I already mentioned the stall force.
  • Depth (stroke)

The amplitude could be more so it goes deeper into the muscle tissue like the Theragun.
But it compares to the Hypervolt, so this is also a question of taste.• Removable battery
The RecoverFun comes in a nice transport case, this makes it easy to keep your stuff together you just grab and go. Other manufacturers don’t even offer a box, so you always have the stuff flying around.
Recoverfun package

The price of 100$ for this quality is unbeatable, you get a very great quality for the price.

If you are searching for a massage gun for professional or private use, especially for recovery after hard training this would be my choice. Good manufacturing and technical specs meet a reasonable price. You can’t be wrong on this one.


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