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Recoverfun Hot Sellers


Your First Personal Affordable Cold Plunge

Recoverfun's cold plunge products deliver high-end features and therapeutic benefits at a fraction of the cost. They make cold water immersion practical and affordable, so more athletes and active people can aid their recovery and reach their fitness goals. Experience the Recoverfun difference yourself.

Recoverfun Cold Plunge System

Cold plunging without the hassle or expenses! Making cold plunging easy and accessible!

  • cold plunge at home
  • icebath therapy
  • cold plunge tub at home
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Smart Electric Self-Cupping Massgers

The Recoverfun Aircup is an innovative auto cupping therapy device with built-in air compression, red light therapy and smart App control. It provides targeted dynamic cupping massage for pain relief in specific muscle regions like the back, shoulder, thighs, and glutes. This smart cupping technology allows for convenient self-care cupping therapy at home, office, or while traveling.

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Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training Cuffs

Recoverfun AirCuff is an intelligent blood flow restriction (BFR) training device that applies pressure to limbs during exercise. This restricts blood flow, inducing metabolic stress and accelerated muscle growth, strength gains, and injury rehabilitation. AirCuff improves upon traditional BFR bands using proven Japanese Kaatsu training techniques for faster, safer workout results.



  • High-performance, eco-friendly fabric for enhanced training and easy cleaning
  • Enlarged internal bladder for better coverage and results
  • Redesigned cuffs for comfort and optimal restriction 
  • Built-in arm plates for convenience and stability
  • Curved thigh design for snug fit, comfort, and efficiency
  • Best Quiet Mini Massage Gun

  • It Was One of the Quietest on Test

  • Best for AT-HOME Recovery Sessions

  • Best Budget Runner-Up

  • Travel friendly massage therapy

  • Best Under $100

  • The Massage Gun For The Big Boys

  • Quietest Massage Gun

  • A Budget-friendly Recovery Tool

  • The 13mm stroke length creates a much deeper tissue percussion

  • Perfect Tool for Athletic Recovery

  • Best Lightweight Mini Massage Gun

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Premium Accessories

Discover More acessories for your daily body recovery

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