Recoverfun air cuff is based on the proven science behind Japanese Kaatsu and blood flow restriction training methods. It is an intelligent tool to get you better results faster and safer from workouts and training. 

Blood flow restriction training (also abbreviated BFR training) or occlusion training or Kaatsu training, or blood flow restriction therapy (a new and different way to rehabilitate muscle injuries, mainly those are occurring in an arm or leg.).

It is a type of training where you restrict blood flow to the muscle you are working on. When you do that, it causes metabolic stress and encourages the muscle to grow.

So finally, as a result, BFR training improves muscle strength, size, and endurance at an accelerated rate.

You may have tried traditional BRF bands before, but now you should try the Recoverfun air cuff to get more creative training results.  

What benefits can you get from training by Recoverfun air cuff?

  • Maximize Muscle and Improve endurance in 1/3 of the time.
  • Increase Strength by getting 100% intensity from 30% loads.
  • Improve growth hormone levels by 200-300%.
  • Avoid muscle wastage after injury.
  • Improve muscle protein synthesis in the elderly.
  • No greater health risk compared to traditional exercise.


Affordable price.

Portable and hand-held.

Waterproof and Easy to clean.

Adjustable pressure control compares to traditional BFR bands.

So this is an intelligent way to amplify your results from workouts, training, and any exercise.

How to wrap?

     How to train weekly?



    What’s included in "Recoverfun Air Cuff  2C"?

    Carrying Bag x 1
    Recoverfun Cuff x 2
    Hand Pump x 1
    Gauge x 1
    Quick Release Valve x 2
    Tubing x 1
    User Manual x 1


    What’s included in "Recoverfun Air Cuff  4C"?

    Carrying Bag x 1 
    Recoverfun Cuff x 4 
    Hand Pump x 1 
    Gauge x 1 
    Quick Release Valve x 4 
    Tubing x 1 
    User Manual x 1