Our story is one that just anyone can relate to. As a fitness enthusiast, I’ve had my share of muscle pain and strains after intense workouts but it doesn’t stop there. I always need rehabilitation to help loosen tight muscles and help my muscles recover quickly. However, the common rehabilitation methods many of us are used to never worked as perfectly as I wanted them to. I needed something more and despite buying various rehabilitation aids from the market, I got little to no relief. I eventually opted for massage guns but the prices for the effective ones were on the high end.

 The question that tugged my heart was how could I get something that would help with muscle rehabilitation but also fit into a smaller budget? This was a difficult question to answer, as the options in the market were limited. With the increasing number of fitness enthusiasts in the world today, I believe that the average person should be able to afford a simple device to help with rehabilitation. This was how RecoverFun was birthed.

Recoverfun Plus

Recoverfun kicked off with a cutting-edge device known as theT5 massage gunthat provides all the benefits of a massage gun but at a reduced price to cater to the average person. Then, we introducedthe Plus massage gunfor stronger and deeper muscle percussion.The Mini massage gunis one of the latest products, which is also the cheapest massage gun in our catalog. It is a pocket-sized device, yet powerful enough to work your muscles. These three categories gives you the liberty to choose, based on your preference and budget.

Recoverfun Mini

But it also did not stop there. We understand the different fitness needs of each person and wanted to create something more powerful to help with pain relief. This birthedthe smart Aircup device (Recoverfun Aircup), inspired by the ancient Chinese traditional cupping. This self-cupping device isn’t only for fitness enthusiasts but also for anyone who wants to relieve the pain in their muscles. The cupping massager creates suction in the muscle and pulls blood, which improves the flow of blood to the region to stimulate the natural healing process.

Each one of our products have been developed while having your best interest at heart. Getting muscle rehabilitation shouldn’t be complicated and we’ve made it easier with these portable devices with the latest and best technology.

Recoverfun Aircup

Recoverfun started with massage guns and the Aircup device. We wanted to provide more innovative muscle recovery solutions, so again we developed the Recoverfun Blood Restriction Training Cuffs, also called Recoverfun Aircuff. Blood flow restriction training restricts blood flow during exercise to force muscle adaptation and growth with lighter weights. Our Aircuff makes this technique accessible and easy to add to any workout. The cuffs safely restrict blood flow for benefits like increased muscle growth, endurance and faster recovery. With the Aircuff, Recoverfun now offers a complete range of cutting-edge products for every muscle recovery need. Our diverse product line showcases our commitment to using technology to improve fitness and health.

Our diverse product portfolio demonstrates our dedication to pushing boundaries. We are driven to keep creating better solutions. Our pursuit of innovation is endless.

Recoverfun Aircuff


  • Helping every fitness enthusiast and even the average person heal from pain in the back, shoulder, knee, calve, glutes, etc.
  • Rejuvenating the muscles and healing delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Developing and providing you with quality tools that will help with your muscle rehabilitation
  • Supporting your convenience at all times by developing portable tools that can be carried around and used anywhere
  • Delivering trusted health and fitness information
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