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The Recoverfun Aircup Pro, the modish muscle tension reliever, is an auto dynamic-cupping therapy device with a revolutionary built-in automatic air compression system. Its dynamic smart cupping technology and red light therapy is a game-changer in cupping therapy.

This cupping massager focuses on a particular muscle region at a time and helps relieve pain in that region. This could be your back, shoulder, thigh, or glutes. So it is not just a great helper for therapists but also a perfect new device for personal self-care at your fingertips at home/office/travel.  


  • Dynamic Cupping-Recoverfun Aircup exceeds traditional cupping therapy sets with its active suction. The alternation of suction and release to simulate authentic massage boosts efficient blood circulation while speeding up the recovery process. 

dynamic cupping

  • Red Light Therapy-The Recoverfun Aircup has added Red light therapy (RLT) during the cupping therapy, which helps relieve pain and inflammation to achieve a more effective treatment. Exposing body parts under red light also yields faster healing of the skin and muscle tissues and enables you to relax better. 

red light therapy

  • Personalized Massage-Faster or slower? More potent or less suction? Not a problem. Recoverfun Aircup allows you to set your favorite modes and comfortable suction power. Make the cupping therapy more amusing. (there are five modes and five suction power levels) 

personalized massage

  • Guasha / Scraping-Suction mode number 5 is the scraping massage mode, excellent for people who want to relieve tension in the muscle, boost circulation, and improve lymphatic drainage. 

  • Smart App control: You can also use the Recoverfun App to customize the cupping time from 1 second to 12 minutes and control 6 Aircups simultaneously. 

cupping massager with smart app

  • 3 sizes of cups attachment available-Easily change the cup size to serve different body parts for the particular cupping therapy. 

different sized cups

  • Mini and Portable- The compact size with auto cupping technology makes it possible to enjoy a massage anywhere and anytime. (Home/Office/Travel/outdoor)



Aircup panel * 2 Type-C cable * 2
Large Cup * 2 Lanyard * 2
Middle Cup * 2 Manual * 1
Mini Cup * 2 Carrying Case * 1
Filter Cotton * 6  

 cupping therapy pro kit

Suction intensity  -60~0 kPa
Suction modes 5 modes
Charging voltage 5V-2A
Charging time 2-3 Hrs
Power rating 5W
Battery capacity 3.7V /  1800mAh
Wavelength 630-670nm


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