New Universal Soft Massage Gun Attachment Recoverfun Flex


As we all know, now massage guns are getting more and more popular and are favored by many people as a muscle recovery tool.

But one of the major components of the massage gun is the attachment, which is also an important factor to consider when making a purchase.

So have you ever considered seriously the massage heads?

Why You Need a New Massage Gun Attachment?

Have you been searching for a better performance massager head for workout recovery and muscle sore pain relief?

This new massage gun head “Recoverfun Flex” is the right universal one with many outstanding features that will get you better experiences compare to regular massage gun attachments in the market.  


SOFT: It won’t be an issue still with such an attachment in the course of massage by accidentally hit a bone. To some extent, due to how it has been designed to be soft and subtle, it can even do some bone massage (for example shin bone and shin muscle)

EXCELLENT ELASTICITY: It is super bouncy and feels like extended 2-3mm deeper percussion experience even your massage gun’s amplitude is 10mm only, which is super effective.

ANTI-SCRATCH: It uses new technology and environmental protection materials with strong toughness and it is scratch proof and corrosion-resistant.

SMOOTH AND EASY TO CLEAN: The surface of this attachment is smooth, which makes it easy to glide over muscles and massage different muscle types effectively with less friction and risk of injury. It is easy to clean after every use and won’t stick any lint and fluff from clothes.

BROAD COMPATIBILITY: Since this is the most commonly used attachment for massage guns, we have designed this to be compatible with up to 95% of massage guns in the market. You can use it to work with Hypervolt massage gun, M3 Pro, T11 pro, phoenix, TaoTronics, and any other massage gun that has an 18.9mm diameter head.



Model:  Recoverfun Flex 

N.W.   0.03 kg  (0.07 lbs) =1.06 ounces

Size:   8.5x5x5cm ( 3.35x1.97x1.97 inchs )

3 months warranty and 14 days money-back guarantee



Step 1: Pop in this soft massager head to your massage gun, then power on and start on the lowest speed.

Step 2: Gently glide it over the affected areas, driving too hard pressure of the massage head on the body is not necessary.

Step 3:  Make sure to relax the muscle while going over it

Step 4: Follow these guidelines to get the most benefit:

Muscle Warm-Up- 30 Seconds: Before a workout or activity. target your muscles with this massage head for up to 30 seconds to activate the muscles and nerve fibers.

Muscle Re-Activation- 15 Seconds: Mid-workout and feeling a little tired? Muscles starting to fatigue or spasm? Give them a little boost with another 15-second session.

Recovery and Sore Relief- 2 Minutes: After exercising, you can safely use the massage gun with this massage head for up to 2 minutes on each muscle group. This process can be repeated throughout the day with at least 1-2 hours. And don’t need to keep changing to other interchangeable attachments because this one is comprehensive and efficient


Type: Massage Gun

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RecoverFun New Universal Soft Massage Gun Attachment Recoverfun Flex Review
Nice and smooth

Soft, yet still very durable and provides plenty of stiffness. Nice pesky plastic lines that you would feel on your skin. Fits standard massage guns. Easy to clean.

Joe S.
United States United States
RecoverFun New Universal Soft Massage Gun Attachment Recoverfun Flex Review
RecoverFun Massage Gun Flex attachment

First off if you haven’t purchased the RecoverFun Massage gun already you need to do so. It is the best massage gun out there and has a great price! So RecoverFun came out with a new design head and it’s called the Flex, it’s supposed to be a little softer and provides more of a gentle feeling especially around the bone area. As I am massaging around the bone area, it is much gentle and tolerable. Now I don’t need to worry about the bone area and I can actually massage the bone as well. With this new head, this company continues to improve and brings more great ideas. I just also purchased the Mini RecoverFun massage gun as well and can’t wait for that to arrive!

United States United States
RecoverFun New Universal Soft Massage Gun Attachment Recoverfun Flex Review
Good new attachment for massager

I absolutely LOVE this new head I’m able to sink in deeper and also glide better for my patients.

Bryanna W.
United States United States
It helps to improve my ankle injury.

This attachment is soft so that I can use it around my joints and heals. Usually, I apply some Bengay cream to my ankle where the pain occurs, then use the massage gun with this soft head to give a massage, in this way, the cream can be better absorbed.

Jason W.
United States United States
Didn't realize how much we needed this!

We have the original RecoverFun, and adding this to the set gave the realization that it was exactly what we didn't know we had been looking for. It is the jack of all trades for use, it is our number one choice now.

United States United States