Why You Need a Universal Massage Gun Attachment ?

Why You Need a Universal Massage Gun Attachment ?


The massage gun is fast becoming the busiest muscle recovery tool in the world today. It is also referred to as the percussion massager, percussive therapy and vibration therapy, with lots of benefits attached to it. It helps improve muscle strength and mass, enhances blood circulation, relaxes the body and mind, helps alleviate pain, and also helps with a full-body workout, among many other benefits.

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In a study, the effects of massage in Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) was researched and the results showed that the participants who had a massage had lesser risks of developing muscle soreness. This form of therapy has also been shown to help with muscle endurance recovery.

Why Use Massage Gun?

Since there are still massage therapists around the block, why should anyone use the massage gun? The massage gun provides a safer, more effective, and efficient way to work the muscles in your body and get maximum results. Most professional therapists also use massage guns due to how effective they have proven to be. A study shows how safe and effective the massage gun is in patients with primary fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS)- a widespread pain condition.

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The massage gun is highly recommended by medical professionals and is considered one of the technological breakthroughs for muscle recovery today. This form of therapy is often compared with deep tissue massages or foam rolling and it proves to be much more effective, as it targets small, hard to reach areas. You can also use the tool from the comfort of your home and at your convenience.

Do You Need a Massage Gun Attachment?

One of the major components of the massage gun is the attachment, which is also an important factor to consider when making a purchase. These attachments are what help the massage gun target every part of the body, including the small, hard-to-reach muscles. 

1. The Large Ball

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This is the most common form of attachment and also the most used one. It is made of foam or rubber shaped ball and targets both large and medium group muscles such as the deltoid, glutes, and hamstrings. It is mostly used by people who are just using massage guns for the first time. It is also quite versatile, as it can basically be used on any part of the body. Although, for more effective measures, other types of attachments would be preferred on some parts of the body.

2. The Flat Head

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This is a multipurpose attachment that helps break down muscle tissue in dense areas of the body such as the pecs, glutes, and back. The difference between this and the large ball is that it provides a more dense massage. This means that even though the large ball might work for these muscles, the flathead attachment would do even more effective work. It also won’t hurt due to the absence of sharp edges, so you don’t have to worry about running over bones and hurting yourself.

3. The Fork

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This is used as a glider for unevenly shaped parts of the body such as the trapezoid muscles that starts from the upper neck to the shoulders. It can also be used for the calf muscles and the Achilles. The large ball and flat attachment heads will not easily target these muscles due to how they are structured. With this, you can also target the spine successfully without hitting the bone.

4. The Bullet

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The bullet attachment helps with trigger points and knots, as it focuses on a specific spot on the body. This is the most preferred and effective kind of attachment to use, especially for hard-to-reach muscles. It can be used to target different ligament attachment points to remove muscle knots and massage the deep tissue in these areas that other forms of attachment would find difficult to do.


These four attachments are important to target all the muscles in your body and provide maximum effect. While the large ball has a multipurpose function, it would be great to still have other attachments to get the best result quickly.

Features of the New Massage Gun Attachment

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We have a new large head attachment at RecoverFun with some of the best features to help you get the most from it. Some key features to look out for include:

1. It is Soft

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The attachment is made of soft rubber to ensure that you feel little to no pain when using the massage gun. In the course of the massage, you could accidentally hit a bone but that won’t be an issue with this attachment due to how it has been designed to be soft and subtle on the skin.

2. It is Super Bouncy

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We have made the attachment to be super bouncy in order to reach deeper tissues. The massage is naturally 10mm amplitudes but with this attachment, you could get up to 2-3mm deeper into the muscles, which is super effective.

3. Smooth Surface and Easy to Clean

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The surface of this attachment is smooth, which makes it easy to glide over muscles and massage different muscle types effectively with less friction and risk of injury. The regular attachment sold in the market tends to wear out easily with a lot more friction, which makes it stick to clothes and difficult to clean. You can prevent all these by getting our smooth massage gun attachment that has been designed to give you the best experience. 

4. Broad Compatibility

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Since this is the most commonly used attachment for massage guns, we have designed this to be compatible with up to 95% of massage guns in the market. You can use it with the popular Hypervolt massage gun, M3 Pro, T11 pro, and any other massage gun that has an 18.9mm diameter head.

Do You Need a New One?

To make the most of your massage gun, you need an attachment that works effectively and smoothly. Massage guns readily come with at least one attachment but you could also have your preference and choose to get more effective one. Beginners often start their massage gun journey with the ball attachment due to its versatility. You might as well get one that has the special features we shared here for a more efficient result. Recoverfun Flex is the one.

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