Dion Jamison Says The Best Massage Gun You Can Buy

Dion Jamison Says The Best Massage Gun You Can Buy

So recently I got a Massager for RecoverFun.
I always wanted to have one, because I am a high-level athlete, but if you search for them online you will be hit by some huge price tags.

Luckily after weeks of searching, I found this massager that looked legit but compared to the 300$ massagers with a price tag of around 99$ at the time, It made me curious so I decided to get into contact. 

After a little bit less than two weeks, the massager was already here and once I opened the box, I was surprised by the high quality of the massager case.

massage gun

Inside of that case was a nice well made massager with 5 exchangeable massage pieces, one for the muscles around your spine, one regular all-purpose massage head, one that is a little bit softer, and one deep massage head for deep-lying issues. 

And since I am a high-level competitive athlete that travels a lot opening my muscles on my own is always a really hard task, especially asking someone to massage your back or always having a massage roll on your hands is kind of pesky. But I have to say that the Recoverfun impressed me in 4 ways. And I hope this review will be helpful to you if you consider getting one yourself.

No.1 Recovery:
The massager from RecoverFun has a lot of levels from light to hard massaging and with the included exchangeable massage pieces the is a level and piece for every part of your body. I have found it especially helpful to open up closed muscles even while competitions. On the other hand, everyone wants to use it, so asking somebody to get your back for a few minutes is no issue if you do the same for them and everyone is impressed by how it helps.

No.2 Wellness:
On the other hand, even if you do not compete in tournaments, the massager is extremely nice for wellness purposes, just ask your girlfriend or boyfriend to get your back and they are far more likely to do so because they won’t end up with cramping thumbs.
You can relax and after a full body massage with this machine, you will feel like a new person.

No.3 Portability:
So because I have to go to competitions a lot around Europe and I have to get my camera, clothes and so on with me all the time and spaces are some times very limited like on an airplane it is very important to me that everything I want to carry around could fit nicely into just a backpack. And not only is this massager extremely light, but it fits even in my carry-on baggage when I am on the plain, yes the staff at the airport might get suspicious, but once they open the case the get very curious themselves about the massager so really no struggles here. And I put it in there with the case, so if you need extra space, just get it out there and you will have a lot of room.

No4 Charge:
But what surprised me the most was the charge. I did expect the manager to be able to give you like 3 massages and that’s it. But on one of my weekend competitions in a different country, I forgot the charger and at the competition, everyone wanted to use it. Surprisingly the charge did not only hold up that day but the complete weekend and the first time I had to charge it was days after I came back. Of course, I wasn’t using it continuously, but surely every day for a bit, so even if you are on the go a lot this massager will serve its purpose.

percussive massage gun
Lastly, I just wanted to say, that this massager is defiantly worth the investment and if you do sports the value just rises.
And two important pieces of advice I can give you is that you should not put your fingers close to the opening for the massage pieces input while it turned on. I mean that should be a no brainer but some people just wanna mess with stuff and number two, if you are terrible at giving massages, this massager won’t make you any better and it can
amplify how much you suck so you should just watch like one or two massage tutorials on Youtube and then use the massager with a combination of that knowledge to really get the most benefits out of it.
All in all, I made some awesome experiences with the massager and I look forward to expanding on them.

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